3rd International Workshop on Functional Modeling

May 24th – 25th, 2018
Kurashiki Monogatarikan
Kurashiki-city, Okayama-pref., Japan


The design and operation of complex engineering systems need highly advanced technologies to meet the
requirements in systems engineering, process design and design of control systems, risk assessment and
human-machine interaction during system operation. These technological fields have an underlying
challenge in common: to represent the purposes and intentions of the system under investigation and to use
them in design, operation and problem solving. It will be a promising approach to model goals and functions
of a system from the viewpoint of means and ends and to use the model as a base model in combination
with structural and behavioral information of a system in design, operation and problem solving for tackling
the difficulties to handle complex engineering systems.


Concept and Expected Outcome

Following the success of the workshops at Technical University of Denmark in November, 2010 and at
Okayama University, Japan in March, 2015, the workshop is designed to facilitate high quality interactions
among researchers. The aim of this workshop is to continue to identify a common ground and future
research topics, to exchange and discuss the research results of participants and to keep a community of
researchers being interested in the theory of functional modeling and its applications. Workshop
participants are invited to submit an abstract for a presentation in one of the topical sessions or to outline
their research interest.
To support the establishment of a research network on functional modeling, participating institutions are
also invited to provide synopses of their research activities. To anchor the value of functional thinking for
industrial applications, selected industrial partners are invited to submit problem statements for application


Papers for presentations

The participants who will make presentations should submit papers up to 4 pages in A4 sheets (double
columns) by May 5th, 2018. The format of a paper will be sent with the notification of acceptance.



Participants with contributions and/or interest in relation to the following topics are invited:
– Foundations of functional modeling and goal-oriented systems
– Methodology of functional modeling
– Tools for functional modeling and applications
– Reasoning based on functional models
– Functional modeling for safety systems and risk management
– The use of functional models in operation support of engineering systems
– The use of functional models in engineering design for process systems, human-machine systems, etc.
– Applications of functional models to industrial systems and critical infrastructure
– Resilient control systems such as fault-accommodating and reconfigurable control systems



March 20th, 2018 Submission of Abstracts and Synopses
March 30th, 2018 Notification of acceptance
May 5th, 2018 Registration, Submission of papers
May 24th – 25st, 2018 Workshop

Organizing Committee

International advisory board: Morten Lind (Technical University of Denmark)
Hidekazu Yoshikawa (Kyoto University)
Tetsuo Sawaragi (Kyoto University)
Poong Hyun Seong (Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
Workshop chair: Akio Gofuku: gofuku-a@okayama-u.ac.jp


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